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 Air Conditioning Hope Island

When the weather gets unbearably hot, you might be forgiven for thinking there is no hope without air conditioning. Hope Island can give us a call in such a situation. As the leading dealers of ActronAir in Gold Coast as well as of brands like LG, Daikin, Fujitsu, and Mitsubishi, we are sure to have something suitable for you.

Deepchill is a family owned and run business that started out in 1986. We place a great deal of emphasis on service and reliability. When our technicians visit you for regular maintenance work or repairing, they will do so unobtrusively. The work will not only be done as quietly as possible but also as cleanly as possible.

Besides fixing, maintaining, and installing domestic air conditioning, we also have experience in commercial air conditioning. We have wall splits, split ducted and packaged units running from 2.6kW to 195kW.

We can install these bearing in mind a number of criteria that your business might prioritise. We can do BMS compatibility, flexible air handling, low ambient cooling, economy cycle, and third party control integration. We also are qualified to install mechanical ventilation.

Your cooling needs can extend beyond air conditioning. If you require cool rooms or refrigeration units for your business, we can help there as well. We are suppliers of various cooling units which we are also licensed to install and repair. You can get more information from our representative who will visit you at a convenient time.

About Hope Island

Hope Island is a fairly popular suburb of the city of Gold Coast, Queensland. The reason for it being so coveted is because it is close to both Brisbane as well as the beaches of Gold Coast. The Gold Coast City Council along with commercials developers is planning to develop it as a mixed use suburb. There is going to be parallel residential and commercial development.

The Hope Island Resort takes up a large amount of area of the suburb. It is a gated community with a number of facilities and is managed by the Cambridge Management Services. Transport is not an issue in Hope Island as both road and train travel is available.

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