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Gold Coast Air Conditioning Rust Treatment

Deep Chill take pride in providing Air Conditioning Rust Treatment as important service for many coastal properties or salty locations. Such as canals or tidal rivers on the Gold Coast and Tweed Regions. Rust treatment of coil and electrical pc boards is considered mandatory in residential and commercial locations close to the ocean. All air conditioners in a direct line of sight, where the ocean is less than 900 metres away should be rust treated.
Deep Chill offer a rust treatment service with every AC unit we sell. Our process is outlined below, and we use a whole can per treatment.

The first step is choosing the right product!

The second step is to strip the machine down.

The third step is to use the whole can and spray every surface 3-4 times, including the inside of all the metal covers

Final stage is for you as the owner to maintain the process of rust treatment. The closer you are to the source the more crucial it becomes to have it done regularly. You can request an additional rust treatment as part of your annual aircondioning service, you can also wash your outdoor unit with fresh water. Gold coast air conditioner rust treatment service.