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Cassette Air Conditioning Units

Cassette Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Uniquely designed 4 way blow for 360-degree cooling of large spaces, cassette air conditioners are sought after for their considerable cooling capacity and efficient air distribution.If you’ve been having trouble finding the right air conditioning to cool your office or living room. Or if you are looking for a way to fit a wall mounted split AC onto a cluttered wall, it may just be time to consider a cassette air conditioner instead.

Cassette air conditioners work just like wall-mounted split ACs, except that they fit neatly up on your ceiling. More powerful than wall mounted split system, cassettes come in a variety of sizes and capacities.

LG Round Cassette

If your looking for the WOW factor these new round cassette provide, luxury round design using a compact design, ideal for minimal exposure design. A Perfect round air flow, powerful & quiet air flow with up to 30% Fast cooling, see LG Round Cassette Brochure round cassette


Count on us for an end-to-end experience

As a family-run air-conditioning and refrigeration business, Deepchill has been offering a full range of services to customers in South-east Queensland and Northern New South Wales since 1986. We have evolved to become one of the most reliable services available and a Warranty Agent for leading brands, and have since expanded to other regions.

Our experienced team of qualified and professional technicians know just how the installation of cassette air conditioners differs from that of regular ACs. You can count on our team to assess the best and safest location for installation and find an area with unrestricted air-flow for best results. They will ensure that the outdoor unit is stable and accessible enough for maintenance.

Reliability and convenience, all rolled into one

Right from helping you find the right model and brand, to carrying out the fittings and installation, to providing regular maintenance and customer service, Deepchill is committed to being around every step of the way. Our team of highly-skilled maintenance experts are trained to maximize the life expectancy of your Cassette air conditioner, and provide a preventive maintenance programme as well to regularly service your equipment.       Get in touch with us today to learn more about different kinds of cassette ACs as well as heating and cooling systems, and we’ll help you figure out how to best improve the air quality of your home or business.


1) They come with a pump 2) They are good for commercial applications 3) They mostly have 4 way blows so if you centre the indoor unit you are getting better coverage

We look at internal sqm, the type of outcomes, is it a retail space or a production room, what type of power is available, then we can make a recommendation to the size in kW’s

We say “all on” all the space turns on, so when you turn the ac on from the control panel there are no zones – all the space is cooled all the time.

We sell Daikin, Fujitsu, LG cassettes they all come with pumps, the pumps remove all the condensate, which means a lot less chance of wet ceilings due to sweating flexible ductwork

Mostly Cassettes are square and traditionally they also go well into commercial grid ceilings. So square works for most installations. Round Ceiling Cassette are a good solution when working in raked ceiling or exposed areas, as they look attractive. Different manufactures make different system, mostly the cassettes are compact, 1 way, 2way, 4way and Round

LG Electronics, Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir

Mostly all the brands are using R32, some still use 410A

Short answer is cassette in commercial and ducted in residential. Both may also work well in the opposite outcomes. The logic being that in Residential – people are not always in all the rooms all the time, so they want to turn the room OFF so we use zones to help make it more energy efficient, so ducted. Shops – are usually more open plan and we are not zoning them – so cassettes

The return air grille sucks air from the middle of the Air Conditioning control panel

Very Subjective, they are cheaper than ducted but not the same air delivery or seamless look. So very rarely do we install cassettes into people homes, when someone really wants it done that way.