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Multi Head Split Systems on The Gold Coast



Best Multi Split System Air Conditioning on The Gold Coast

Multi split AC systems are popular because of their ability to cool multiple rooms at a time compared to a split air conditioner that cools only one room at a time. Also known as ‘Variable Refrigerant Flow’ system, the USP of multi split air conditioning method is that it uses just one external unit to cool several rooms. The indoor units can also be used for heating multiple rooms effectively. You can opt for either ‘cooling only’ models or reverse cycle units.

The multi split systems function much like split AC systems but they have only one external unit. These external units are connected with multiple indoor units. The technology used makes it possible to run one internal unit as “master” and the others as “child” units. This can be useful when you want all units indoors to run at a fixed temperature. It also reduces the operational costs.

Multi split AC system installation and repair

At, Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, we are a leading certified and licensed dealer, offering latest technology equipped multi split AC systems from top brands like ActronAir, Daikin, Kelvinator, and Fujitsu, to name a few.

Along with top-rated equipment and highly valued customer service, we have a qualified and diligent team to carry out the installations in the most professional manner. We take pride in not just selling the best-performing AC systems but also helping our customers choose the system best-suited to their needs. For this reason, when selecting your AC unit, we recommend talking to our experts who can provide solutions with your space and requirements in mind.

We also offer repair and maintenance services for all types and brands of air conditioners.

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We have been offering wide range of heating and cooling solutions since 1986 in the Gold Coast region and also serve Northern New South Wales. Ours is a family owned business and we believe in exceeding customer expectations while offering affordable services without compromising on quality.

Looking for trusted professionals to install and repair multi split air conditioning systems in Northern NSW and SE QLD? Call us today!


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