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Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Units

Not all air conditioning units are made the same. One of the best choices for your business could be a rooftop package air conditioning unit. These units are mostly used for large commercial spaces. Like most other air conditioning units, packaged units over a  reverse-cycle function. To accommodate the needs of different buildings, these units can have power outputs between 16 and 200 Kw. 

The name stems from the fact the system comes as one package, so it is not a split system. These units are installed on the roof of a building. This allows these units to provide more air conditioning capacity than typically found in domestic split systems.

What Is Packaged Air Conditioning?

Unlike split systems, packaged units that combine the indoor fan and outdoor compressor together or as one package. Deepchill over a variety of brands with small to large capacity. Having different brands or manufacturers helps us to design the perfect solution for your space. Two and three stage systems also offer more power efficiency so are more cost effective per kW. Smaller packaged units can used for residential buildings.

Why Should I choose DeepChill to deliver a Rooftop Package Air Conditioning Unit?

We have all the appropriate licensing for design and construct. Commercial properties can have different requirements than residential ones. Selecting a reliable and professional company is imperative for a high level of customer service. Commercial rooftop units typically deliver the best solution for cost effective cooling of large retail spaces such as shopping centres. 


Commercial repairs, Maintenance and Servicing of packaged units

Due to large workloads in commercial environments, these systems are required to be serviced more often. Fortunately, these rooftop package units are made with maintenance in mind. The panels that cover the internal components are made to be removed with ease. This means that accessing the interior is easier when compared to other units. Therefore, maintenance and repair are streamlined for fast and effective results.

 Good Return on the Investment

Businesses are necessarily about the bottom line, which is why these units are perfect. Rooftop package units offer better affordability over the long term. Some owners worry about the initial cost of these larger units, but the fact is that smaller units cost more to do the same amount of work. This means that utility costs are more affordable over time. Moreover, service costs are more streamlined. All of this makes rooftop units an excellent business investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What brands of packaged units do you sell,

ActronAir, Temperzone and Daikin

Is a rooftop unit right for my business?

These units tend to be best for larger properties with a high demand for heating and cooling. These units are designed for high capacity, which means that they are more powerful and more resilient. If you think that you want a rooftop unit for your business, call us today to set up a consultation.


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