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Window & Wall Air Conditioning

Window & Wall Air Conditioning Gold Coast

If you are looking for window & wall air conditioning you have come to the right place. RAC, sometimes referred to as “window rattlers” are the cheapest systems available for air conditioning rooms. Deepchill have a wide range of Kelvinator RAC air conditioning systems for sale – click here These RAC systems are typically installed into windows or walls. Reverse cycle and cooling only models are available. Please ensure you pick the right model number and take care when choosing a replacement model as there may be a different size opening in the wall.

We can provide “supply only” pricing and “supply and installation” pricing for replacement options on the Gold Coast, Tweed Shire, Southern Brisbane. Volume discounts apply for multiple unit purchases.

Deepchill Air conditioning and refrigeration service and maintain all of these types of Air Conditioning units. RAC units should be serviced every 6 to 12 months. We supply parts for a wide variety of these AC systems, mostly parts are still available. When selling new we recommend and supply Kelvinator RAC systems.

Window & Wall Air Conditioning

When selecting a new RAC unit always review the product profile in detail

Look for what the warranty period details are in years, as the specifications are very important. If you do not understand the data below call us and talk to one of our expert estimators. RAC units typically use more power and are noisier than wall mounted split systems. Details that you need to understand when purchasing RAC units;

Comfort is measured by the amount of de-humidification the system can achieve. So by moisture removal in litres per hour. Look for the energy star rating (how much power you are using) and the refrigerant type and weight is also relevant.

Features you may require are filtration, remote control type, timer, fan speeds, the most important detail is the dimensions of the RAC system. That hole size in the wall is required in total height (mm) and total width (mm) for us to accurately price the RAC system.

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