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Temperzone Air Conditioning


Temperzone Air Conditioning is dedicated to pioneering innovative new technologies and creating market leading, easy to use solutions that provide truely comfortable spaces regardless of the application. Temperzone Australia is ideally positioned to play a partnering role in your commercial and residential projects. Which is why you can rely on Deepchill Air Conditioning to handle all your Temperzone services. 

Temperzone Air Conditioning products made for local conditions, many air cooled producted are designed and tested up to 52C and have features such as epoxy coated indoor and outdoor coils to provide durability particually in applications closer to the coast.

Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration is proud to be a leading dealer for Temperzone. You can see all the Temperzone air conditioners we supply below. If you are unsure about what is the right air conditioner for you then book a free quote today and have our experts give you a call and find the best solution for you! 


On heating and cooling Installations


Air Cooled Package Units


Combine a large commercial floor space and constantly changing cooling or heating loads and you will have a climate control challenge that Temperzone’s air cooled package units are designed to handle - even in the extremes of summer and winter. The OPA (Air Cooled Package systems) range in capacity from 11.6kW to 193.0kW and offer a wide range of flexibility to meet most applications.

Temperzone Air conditioning


Temperzone Ducted Split systems can provide low GWP energy efficient solutions for many applications. From light to large commercial, Temperzone can provide versatile ducted split solutions for your buildings. Our Ducted Splits range in capacity from 14.8kW to 94.9kW and offer a wide range of flexible options.

Water cooled package units


When buildings head skyward, only Temperzone’s water-cooled air conditioning system have what it takes to meet your climate control challenges. A key fixture of many CBD high-rise developments throughout Oceania and Asia, our innovative water-cooled units are more reliable, economical, flexible, and environmentally friendly than most air-cooled alternatives. While other systems struggle to deliver as the floors stack up, our technology has been engineered to deliver optimum performance in multi-storey buildings (particularly those exceeding 15-storeys).

Chilled waterfan coil


Ranging in capacity from 4kW to 215.6kW, the Temperzone Chilled Water range harnesses the power of chilled water to deliver unprecedented levels of climate control capability. Utilising a fan coil unit that passes water through a heat exchanger at 6°C - 12°C, the Temperzone range is the ideal choice for commercial buildings that struggle to accommodate multiple outdoor units. While offering superior performance in large commercial settings, our smaller chilled water fan-cooled unit is ideal for confined spaces like hotel rooms and accommodation, where limited wall or ceiling cavity sizes would normally provide serious installation challenges.

Temperzone Controller


Temperzone has a range of controllers to choose from, depending on the air conditioning system you need to manage.

The innovation is conveyed in the product design and user benefits. Focus has been applied to improving  and optimising the overall user experience, developing intelligent control functionality and operation, while delivering an enhanced visual experience.

Temperzone Air Conditioning

So if you are looking for Temperzone Air Conditioning. We handle everything from initial design and planning in your house, to delivery and installation. To Maintenance and repair on your Temperzone Air Con. Get in Touch today to hear more about our Temperzone Air Conditioning prices.

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