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Ducted Air Conditioning Controllers

Ducted Air Conditioning Controller

Not sure what ducted controller is best for your ducted air conditioning system? Don’t worry, Deepchill Air Conditioning have got you covered. Below is a list of our most popular controllers and their features. 

ZoneTouch - Basic Solution

Ducted Controller

One of the controllers that we offer here at Deepchill Air conditioning is ZoneTouch.  ZoneTouch allows you to incrementally control the volume of air into the zone in 10% increments. So each zones airflow can be balanced between 10 and 90%.  Allowing you to reach the rooms desired comfort level by controlling the airflow.

The big benefit is that it gives you function control of the airflow and this can also reduce the load on your air conditioner.  Zones are either on or off ZoneTouch allows you to achieve control of the volume of airflow which also helps you to control the amount of heating or cooling

With ZoneTouch you can be comfortable and have a power bill that can be a pleasant surprise. Stay in control of the conditioned airflow around your home with an easy to use, stylish touch panel featuring a personalised interface to suit your lifestyle.
Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration offers Zone Touch. With this, you can control up to 16 zones, get zone labelling, programmable timer, auto-spill, periodic service reminders and turbo zone.  

AirTouch 4 - Advanced Solution

Ducted Controller

Deepchill Air Conditioning and Refrigeration also offers the updated AirTouch 4. With this you can take your ducted air conditioning to a whole new level. With fully integrated control for multiple air conditioning units you can reach a new level of comfort. As well as energy efficiency.

The systems comes preloaded with the air conditioning application – each zone has a wireless senor and you can set the temperature and airflow for each zone. So each bedroom can then operate with individual temperatures. A maximum of 4 degrees variation, 2 degrees either side of the Air Conditioners, temperature set point.

AirTouch 4 works with the popular and open voice activated smart assistants like Amazon Alexia and Google Assistant. .

AirTouch4 is a wired wall a tablet, so you can also use the console to run your choice of smart lightning, security and entertainments apps from google play or Android apps. In addition even order a meal while keeping up with the latest social media.

AirTouch 2+

Cool the house down before you get home in summer, or warm it up before you wake up in winter.

Try the all new AirTouch 2+, for smart control of your home air conditioning from a 7″ high resolution touch screen, or the new AirTouch 2+ App on your smart device.

Upstairs and Downstairs from 1 device. Control 4 ducted air conditioners and 16 zones at home.

Smartphone App. Google Assistant. Amazon Alexa. IFTTT. The choice is yours.

Save Energy, Save Money on the power bill with smart zone control.

AirTouch 2 plus

AnywAIR Controller - Fujitsu

WiFi Control for Fujitsu ducted air conditioners.
Mounted portrait or landscape to the wall by a Fujitsu air conditioning specialist, the anywAiR® technology ducted controller is simple to set-up using a Google Play Store account. The touchpad is the central point from which to operate the air conditioner and can be used to manage a variety of Android apps such as weather, recipes, music and other home automation apps. 

Anywair touch


1) The air diffusers out of the supply grilles softly and is also less blowy 2) If you buying more the 4-5 split systems – ducted is cheaper 3) Ducted supply air grills look better than the split system box on the wall apparently.

We use the internal sqm, then we allow for a heat load and if your using zones we can calculate the requirements – So residential usually has a smaller requirement than commercial systems which have NO zones typically

Zones allow you to turn rooms on or off

Daikin, Fujitsu, LG we use a third Party (OEM) solution that we buy and fit with your ducted system, So in this scenario you have 2 Air Conditioner control panels, one for the air con and one for the zones

Provides remote access, so you can turn the ac on off when you are away from the home. All you need is the wifi to be working on your smart phone and you can log onto the Air conditioner in your home from anywhere

LG Electronics, Daikin, Fujitsu, ActronAir

If you had one downstair and upstairs then its an easy job, If your adding a new downstairs this can be ideal for turning the whole system off easily when your on the way out the door. Sometime getting a cable down the wall is next to impossible for the installer. Often there is no access or no way, so sometimes buying the wifi controller is the best option.

We sell zonetouch which allows you to air balance in 10% increments the amount of air coming into the zone – this is more a manual setting that you control through the touchpad or wifi – allows more or less air into the zone – AirTouch is the most advanced controls we typically supply for residential ducted – on/off sensor in the room, you can use a  chrome cast specker and talk to system using google. It uses a number – say 24/23/22 degrees – you set the temperature in your zone and the airtouch does the changes for you.

The return air grille sucks air from the whole house and is key to having a well designed system, typically this is where the sensor for the Air Conditioning control panel is located.

Mostly people used to use Square, years ago and then all the industry saw the trend to round, its easier to cut the round hole for the round flexible duct work and the square edge grilles catch the eye more – apparently? Let me know if you have your own idea why the industry changed to round outlets?

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