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Split System Air Conditioning Gold Coast

Looking for split system air conditioning installation on the Gold Coast? Look no further. Deepchill has been proudly supplying and installing split system air conditioners in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales for over 20 years. At Deepchill, we only stock the best, most reputable brands such as Daikin, Fujitsu, and Actron Air at affordable prices.

Available in both reverse cycle or cooling only, split system air conditioners are a great way to control the temperature of a single room of your home or business all year around. As the name suggests, Split Systems include two physical units; an indoor wall mounted unit which is connected to a larger outdoor unit which circulates air into your home or business.

No matter what size room you want air conditioned, Deepchill has the right split system air conditioning to suit your needs, so get in touch for professional advice or a competitive quote today!

Why Would You Choose Split System Air Conditioning?

As mentioned previously, split systems are broken down into two or more units. In a typical setup, one component would be mounted inside the building, while the other is either wall-mounted using brackets or simply placed on the ground, making split systems relatively easy to install. Unlike a ducted air conditioner, split systems require no ductwork giving you more flexibility as to where you mount it. In fact, many units and apartments have split system air conditioners installed for this very reason.

Having the compressor component mounted outside allows the indoor units to operate silently. Split system air conditioners are so silent they can be installed in quiet areas such as bedrooms, libraries, and classrooms. Heating and cooling a room is very simple. All units come with a remote control or a wall mounted thermostat making choosing the right temperature a breeze. Depending on which model you choose, many offer features such as a programmable timer, energy saving mode and even Wi-Fi connectivity allowing you to control your split system air conditioner remotely.

Most split systems are reverse cycle, which means they have both heating and cooling capabilities so that you can keep comfortable all year-round. Maintenance is simple; the indoor unit has a removable, washable filter which can be cleaned by the owner. We recommend servicing your air conditioner every few years to maximize its performance and life span. Our qualified technicians are on hand, so get in touch today!

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Choosing the right split system air conditioner can be difficult. There are many variables you should consider while selecting the right air conditioner such as the size of your room, the size and positioning of windows, the aspect and location of your property and most importantly budget. What are you waiting for? Our friendly and qualified team are ready to give you the right advice now!

Our team services the greater Gold Coast metropolitan region, as well as South East Queensland in general.

Choose from a wide selection of top-quality domestic & international brands below.

ActronAir® Split Systems

ActronAir-logo  Designed and built in Australia, ActronAir® systems are self-cleaning and self-adjusting. Their digital technology includes a sleep function for temperature control during the night and a “Follow Me” function that lets you turn your remote control into a roving temperature sensor, so the cooling and heating is always set to your comfort no matter which room you’re in.

LG® Split Systems

lg   When you go with a top brand, few can match the quality of an LG® air conditioning model. Made in Korea, these split systems offer excellent durability thanks to their anti-corrosion coating, as well as health benefits in the form of its allergy-safe air filter.

Fujitsu® Split Systems

fujitsu  Fujitsu® is known for its LUCA™ range of air conditioning units. Their split systems include human motion sensors for the sake of delivering optimal temperature control and energy efficiency. You can also turn to Fujitsu® for the option of inverter multi systems, allowing you to place individual units in more than one room.

Daikin Split Systems


Kelvinator  Kelvinator air conditioners functional design, practical innovation and ease of use has won Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customer Award 2018


We can also supply the following brands:

  • Mitsubishi
  • Panasonic
  • Hitachi
  • Samsung
  • Gree
  • Braemar

Our team is on hand to provide split system air conditioning Gold Coast across a wide range of brands.

We also provide the trade with supply only systems – cheap split system

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